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Stressed Out

The holidays are usually viewed as a time of happiness and rejoicing. However, the truth is the holidays are often a time of high emotion and demands, which leave a lot of us feeling stressed, exhausted, lonely, and even depressed. But, at Freedom Worship we believe you can have peace this holiday season. 


You’re invited to the continuation of the “Stressed Out: – Holiday Edition” where you’ll discover to keep your peace.



Enjoy a life-giving service with
free coffee and donuts

Be You. Be Free.

You're welcome to wear what feels most comfortable to you. 

Your Child is
Cared For

We value kids at Freedom Worship. We have a great team of volunteers who will help you check your kids in, teach a relevant lesson, and help your kids have a great time. 

November 06, 2022 at 9:30AM & 11:00AM

11911 N. Pennsylvania Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73120