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I'm Still not Okay

We've all dealt with a lot––heartbreak, abuse, job loss, failure, depression and more. We've also dealt with the pain of recurring mass shootings in our country which have left many feeling unsafe. Although we manage to go through the motions, for many the truth is we're still not "okay."


In this series Pastor Rickey will help us discover how we can find hope when we're still struggling with the pain of the past. 



Enjoy a life-giving service with
free coffee and donuts

Be You. Be Free.

You're welcome to wear what feels most comfortable to you. 

Your Child is Cared For

We value kids at Freedom Worship. We have a great team of volunteers who will help you check your kids in, teach a relevant lesson, and help your kids have a great time. 

August 14, 2022 at 10:00 AM 

11911 N. Pennsylvania Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73120